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  • Ácido clorhídrico comercial

    Clorhydric Acid, 30%.

  • Biozur 10S

    Enzymatic preparation containing short chain carbohydrate, protein and lipid degrading enzymes. Very useful in the treatment of effluents from various industries, for the control of BOD.

  • Biozur EF

    Biological additive combined with enzymes and bacteria, for the treatment of effluents. It can be used for the treatment of effluents in Tanneries, Agroindustries, Slaughterhouses, Dairy Industries, Wool Tops Manufacturers, Celullose Plants and others that its operation requires to control the BOD.

  • Blancopel H

    Sodium Chlorite, 25%. Product used for the generation of Chlorine Dioxide in many applications.

  • E-10 35

    Aqueous emulsion of polyethylene wax, 35% Solids. It provides optimal stability to any formulation that requires waxes of this type in stable emulsion.

  • Enzurpon 2EHS 40

    2 Ethyl Hexyl Sodium Sulphate, 40%. Low foaming anionic surfactant, for the formulation of alkaline detergents, in extreme conditions. It has greater stability than the esters of sulphated lauryl alcohols.

  • Enzurpon DOSS 70 PG

    70% Sodium DiOctyl SulfoSuccinate in Propylene Glycol. Excellent surface tension depressor, enhanced wetting and a very low level of foaming, are the characteristics of this anionic surfactant.

  • Enzurpon HS-30

    30% Sodium Sulfosuccinate Lauryl Ether. Due to its low irritability and copious foam, it is used for the formulation of carnival or party foam sprays, presenting the advantage over Betaine of a much lower content of Chlorides, which avoids corrosion in the tin containers of the aerosol sprays.

  • EZ 5632

    Concentrated Oxidants, used to control odors in water and sludge from effluent treatment plants.