Secrets of market permanence

The foundations of prestige

Enzur recognition in the national and regional markets is the result of reflects the confluence of several factors: modern administration and management, industrial facilities according to national and international market demands, and highly trained human resources in every area.

  • Modern administration and managment

    Modern administration and dynamic managment lead to Enzur expansion in the region, responding to the new challenges of globalization. The conquest of new markets is a consequence of internal developments concerning quality.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification

    In 2011, Enzur is certified by the ISO 9001 standard in all its processes, and since then it has been working on its continuous improvement.

  • Adhesion to the Responsible Care - Our Commitment to Sustainability

    Since 1998, Enzur has been a member of the Responsible Care - Our Commitment to Sustainability, and seeks continuous improvement in health care, safety and the environment according to the principles established by the program.

Policy & Strategy

Sharing our conceptual bases, for our medium and long term.

  • Vision

    To be recognized at local and regional level as reliable suppliers of the best quality of products, and for the quality of the Design and Development service, strongly committed to professionalism, the safety of people and the care of the environment. 

  • Mission

    To develop and produce chemical specialties and microbiological derivatives of first level, for the industrial and agricultural market. 

  • Quality Policy
    • Focus the development of products to the process needs of each customer, maintaining mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.
    • Develop and maintain the best manufacturing practices, oriented to efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Develop long-term relationships with suppliers for the better access to the best raw materials.
    • Develop ethical and transparent strategic alliances with the competitive environment, for accessing to new foreign markets.
    • Never stop our growth.
    • Improve day by day and without conformism, our Quality Management System.
    • Comply with all our obligations and applicable commitments, both with the company, shareholders, staff, customers, suppliers, associations and other interested parties.
    • Develop a high performance level of all personnel in a satisfactory work environment.
  • Safety and Environment Policy
    • Comply with the laws and current regulations related to the environment, occupational health and safety applicable to our organization.
    • Prevent environmental pollution through the continuous improvement of our processes, contemplating our technological and economic limitations always trying to use efficiently available resources.
    • Prevent accidents and occupational diseases associated with our activities as a chemical industry.
    • Establish and maintain a decent, safe and healthy working environment that favors the physical, mental and social capacity of workers.
    • Train, communicate and educate workers in the promotion of health and safety at work, with the purpose of contributing to the creation of a culture of occupational risk prevention.
    • Enzur is a company adhering to the “Responsible Care - Our Commitment to Sustainability” Program of ASIQUR and seeks continuous improvement in health care, safety and the environment according to the principles established by the program.