Paints, Coatings & Civil Construction

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  • Antiespuma S7

    Aqueous silicone emulsion. Antifoam effect for a wide range of processes, products and industrial effluents. It is applicable over any range of temperature.

  • Concrefom 145

    Non-protein frothing concentrate, for the manufacture of low density concrete concretes in mixers

  • Concrefom CS

    Protein frothing concentrate, for the manufacture of low density mortars.

  • E-10 35

    Aqueous emulsion of polyethylene wax, 35% Solids. Recommended as non-stick for metallic surfaces in contact with concrete or mortar, in the manufacture of slabs and ornamental pieces.

  • Enzur Top Adherente

    Acrylic dispersion of high adherence. Recommended as a primer to achieve higher inter mortar adhesion values, in civil construction.

  • Enzurlan AE7 WA

    Ethoxylated Lauric Alcohol type, 7OE, 90% in water. Non-ionic surfactant, with emulsifying and dispersing properties for aqueous systems, free of alkyl phenol ethoxylate.

  • Enzurlan PDA

    Concentrate of Biodegradable Non-ionic Surfactants, 91% in water. Suggested for dispersions of pigments in aqueous systems.

  • Enzurpon LESS 2OE

    Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate with 2 moles of Ethylene Oxide, concentrations of 20, 25 and 27%. Anionic surfactant par excellence, with very good property of foaming and response to viscosity with Salt type electrolytes.

  • Fungozur B7DM

    Formulation based on CMIT / MIT at 1.5%. Antimicrobial especially indicated for the protection of aqueous formulations, formaldehyde free and organic solvents.