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  • Aminox CDO GLY

    Coconut Amino Propyl Di Methyl Amine Oxyde, 30% in aqueous solution. Wetting surfactant for glyphosate formulations. Improves the effectiveness of the herbicide product.

  • Anfoteina TN

    Coco Amido Propyl Betaine 30%. Amphoteric surfactant, with very high wetting power for glyphosate formulations.

  • Antiespuma S7

    Aqueous silicone emulsion. Antifoam effect for a wide range of processes, products and industrial effluents. It is applicable over any range of temperature.

  • Biozur 10S

    Enzymatic preparation containing short chain carbohydrate, protein and lipid degrading enzymes. Very useful in the treatment of effluents from various industries, for the control of BOD.

  • Biozur EF

    Biological additive combined with enzymes and bacteria, for the treatment of effluents. It can be used for the treatment of effluents in Tanneries, Agroindustries, Slaughterhouses, Dairy Industries, Wool Tops Manufacturers, Celullose Plants and others that its operation requires to control the BOD.

  • Enzurlan AE7 WA

    Ethoxylated Lauric Alcohol type, 7OE, 90% in water. Non-ionic surfactant suitable for formulation of high performance agricultural adjuvants.

  • Enzurlan PDA

    Concentrate of Biodegradable Non-ionic Surfactant, 91% in water. Suggested for formulation of phytosanitary adjuvants free of Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates.

  • Enzurpon DOSS 70 PG

    70% Sodium DiOctyl SulfoSuccinate in Propylene Glycol. Excellent surface tension depressor, enhanced wetting and a very low level of foaming, are the characteristics of this anionic surfactant.

  • Enzurpon LESS 2OE

    Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate with 2 moles of Ethylene Oxide, concentrations of 20, 25 and 27%. Anionic surfactant par excellence, with very good property of foaming and response to viscosity with Salt type electrolytes.

  • Fungozur B7DM

    Formulation based on CMIT / MIT at 1.5%. Antimicrobial especially indicated for the protection of aqueous formulations, formaldehyde free and organic solvents.